miniature dachshund dog breedminiature dachshund dog breed

From centuries, people all around the world loved Dachshund dogs. Luckily, the Miniature Dachshund is just as loved and adorable for people who enjoy smaller dogs. These little pups are among the funniest dogs around and have a lot of energy. They have a history of hunting and enjoy being outside, running and just having fun.

Overview of Miniature Dachshund Breed:

miniature dachshund

The dachshund is a little hound dog that developed in Germany. Other names of dachshunds include doxies, wiener dogs, sausage dogs and badger dogs.

These dogs are famous for their unique, long-backed bodies and are intelligent, curious, and sociable. This breed may reach a height of 8 to 9 inches or 5 to 6 inches if it is a miniature. The average lifespan of a dachshund is 12 to 16 years.

These dogs are friendly with their owners but are not so friendly with outsiders. They are best for experienced dog owners as they can be stubborn because of being loyal. Usually Dachshunds usually costs between $500 to $1,500.

Weight 4 to 6 kilograms
Height4 to 6 inches
Breed GroupHound Dog
Lifespan12 to 16 years
CoatSmooth, long and wire
SheddingUsually no but it all depends on coat type
Barking TendencyVocal and frequent barking
Suitable ForIndividuals and family with older children
Cost500$ – 1500$
TemperamentLoving, Loyal, Intelligent, Energetic and Stubborn
ColorsRed, black and tan, chocolate, cream, blue, wild boar, wheaten, chocolate, Isabella and fawn
Miniature Dachshund

History & Purpose of Miniature Dachshund:

The dachshund’s history may be tracked back to Germany’s 15th century where the breed was created for badger hunting. These dogs have been created through careful breeding from a variety of dogs and terriers to be quick, powerful and excellent diggers.

It was common to hunt small animals like rabbits with the very little dachshund. The American Kennel Club first accepted them as a unique breed in 1885. They are now one of the most popular breeds in the US.

Mini Dachshund Quick Facts:

  • The Dachshund Came Before the Hot Dog
  • A Dachshund Went to the Olympics
  • Dachshund Races Are Held in California

Miniature Dachshund Coat Types:

As previously said they have three coat types- Smooth, long and wire. Shedding tendency and grooming depends on its coat type.

Smooth Haired Coat:

Single coat which is short, dense and smooth, They have leathery ears and the most popular type of dachshund is smooth-haired and they need little maintenance when it comes to of grooming. Over the span of the year, their coat lightly sheds.

Long Haired Coat:

Wavy hair and a stylish coat and in the dog’s legs, tail and underbelly their fur is longer and these dogs usually sheds on average.

Wire Haired Coat:

A dense undercoat with short, silky hairs and a thick, rough external coat. Their tail is thick and decreases sharply to a tip and their ears are smooth. Bushy eyebrows and beards are unique characteristics of wire haired dachshunds and the dogs remove their coat twice a year.

Miniature Dachshund Puppies:

The charm of the Miniature Dachshund is difficult to ignore, especially when you see the puppies. Even if it’s hard to avoid the thought of bringing one of these beautiful but little dogs home, you should be ready for it first.

Mini Dachshunds are energetic little dogs and might not be the most suitable choice for you if you’re a couch potato. To succeed and be happy, they need physical activity and play. They are also more social beings as with a new family it may need them some time to settle but once they do, they are extremely loving and loyal.

You can see that they may be trained but it’s important for them to be started early. Stay calm if your Mini Doxie continues to have problems barking at strangers. As being so small, they still wish to protect their family.

Mini Dachshunds enjoy great lifespan and an usually healthy condition. They may get genetic diseases so it’s important to keep on with their veterinary appointments if you want them to live a long, happy and healthy life with you.

Temperament and Intelligence of Miniature Dachshund:

Dachshund puppies are extremely intelligent pets and most of the time they follow their owners’ instructions but because they have a strong sense of liberty, they can decide to entirely ignore you at sometimes.

Little dogs have a lot of energy and are quite active. They are always ready to have active connection and interaction with you whether it be outside or inside the house. When you bring one of these puppies home, be prepared for a fun time because they have been known to be small pranksters.

These miniatures are excellent companion dogs and they want to be with their families always once they come to know them. With this breed, separation anxiety is extremely likely. Unnecessary barking and pacing are only two examples of behaviors they may display if they feel ignored.

Does Miniature Dachshund Good with Families?

In overall, Mini Dachshunds are lovely pets for families and they prefer to be active, outdoors and getting a lot of attention. If you have young children at home, you must use precautions. Mini Doxies have Small and fragile backs so any kid that interacts with them needs to be very gentle. As with any other pet, young children should always be under an adult’s supervision when around this dog breed.

Does This Breed is Friendly with Other Pets?

Early socialization helps Miniature Dachshunds to get along with most household pets. As being small they are intense and courageous enough to run with the larger dogs. In most cases, they get along with the cat as well. They may get along well with the cats who roam the house because they are around a cat’s size.

Food & Diet Needs of Mini Dachshund:

Preserving this breed at a healthy weight is important because of their tendency for having back problems. Free eating is not suggested because they have a tendency to get chubby. Feed them twice daily with split meals and to keep your Mini Dachshund at its best then it is best to give them a high-quality diet made with the finest ingredients.

Adult dachshunds need 1 to 1.5 cups of quality dog food per day while small dachshunds need just 3⁄4 to 1 cup and split the food into two separate meals. The size, degree of activity and age of the dog all influence how much food should be given.

Exercise Needs of Mini Dachshund:

These dogs have a lot of energy and they can get lots of exercise by getting to play and run around in the backyard. Take your Miniature Dachshund for walks throughout the day if you don’t have a lot of room for them to run around in. They will get the daily exercise that they need from these walks along with indoor games like fetch.

Miniature dachshunds only need 30 minutes of exercise every day compared to 60 minutes for standard dachshunds. These dogs have tiny legs and should only be exercised on two to three consecutive walks because they find expanded walks to be challenging.

Puppies who are over-exercised may develop problems and have mobility issues as adults. Puppies need to be exercised for five minutes every month of their age which means a three-month-old puppy has to be exercised for fifteen minutes every day.

Training Needs of Mini Dachshund:

Dachshund puppies are intelligent and often easy to train. There won’t be any problems if you start training early on and make it obvious that you’re in charge. But be aware that these dogs might be stubborn and they won’t join if they believe that the time isn’t right to train.

Grooming Needs of Miniature Dachshund:

Dachshunds at smaller sizes might have long, coarse or smooth fur. Grooming is easy if you have a Dachshund in the house with smooth fur. Your dog will remain in wonderful shape if you brush him once a week. Dachshunds with rough coats and lengthy hair need a little extra care. They need to be brushed more since their hair could tangle. To prevent unwanted hair from getting in their ears, you might frequently need to get them trimmed. Always examine your Mini Dachshund ears while grooming to make sure they are clean and clear of any diseases.

Trim your Mini’s nails on a weekly basis to ensure adequate care. Always avoid cutting into the quick because doing so hurts your dog and causes a lot of bleeding. Use a soft dog toothbrush and pet-safe toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth every day. They will be able to avoid unpleasant mouth conditions as they grow.

Differences Between Male and Female Dachshund:

Temperament is the primary difference between male and female Mini Dachshunds. Male Mini Doxies tend to be friendlier, more laid back and more patient. This breed’s females usually have more independent and temperamental.

All Dachshund Mix Breeds:

Mixes are available due to the demand to create some of the cutest and most unique designer dogs. Dachshunds have been extensively and carefully crossed. If you enjoy wiener dogs, you may be interested by the following crosses:

  1. Dachshund Lab Mix
  2. Schweenie
  3. Beagle Dachshund Mix
  4. Chiweenie
  5. Pit-bull Dachshund Mix

Why should you get a Mini Dachshund:

Dachshunds need owners that are confident trustworthy and strict when training them. Families that can offer a dog a lot of care and enjoy busy lifestyles are great.

These dogs are small enough to live happily in apartments, if they have enough daily physical and mental stimulation. Owners should be able to avoid giving their dog “puppy eyes” and manage its diet and weight.

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