caucasian dog breedcaucasian dog breed

This huge working dog known as the Caucasian Shepherd or Mountain Dog which evolved from the Caucasus Mountains of Asia and Europe. They usually have a thick, medium length coat and a big boned muscular structure.

This breed is originated to protect livestock and property but they usually have a very strong feeling for their family as they are loyal but they also show independence and it’s usually not the good choice for a first time dog owner or someone without a home or without sufficient space.

Quick Facts about Caucasian Shepherd:

  • The Caucasian Dog Has Many Names
  • Caucasian Dogs Are Great Guard Dogs
  • They Are Great Therapy Dogs

Overview of The Caucasian Shepherd Dog:

They were first created to protect cattle and people’s lives in the dangerous mountain regions and then they got their name from this. They are highly intelligent and always prepared to put in a lot of effort.

They were bred to fight off wolves, jackals, bears and even trespassers on their owners land so they are very protective for their owners. The most suitable person to adopt this breed is someone who has a lot of experience with dogs or a trainer who has the time and space to let this large dog roam around.

We have all of the information which you will need to make the right decision if you’re thinking about adopting one of these pets. Explore your options carefully before choosing to get one of these excellent dogs into your home because a dog of this size needs a lot of care.

Height23 to 32 inches
Weight100 to 140 pounds
Lifespan10 to 12 years
CoatMedium length double coat
OriginEurope and Asia
Coat ColorBlack and gray, agouti and white, cream, gray, fawn, grizzle, red, rust, sable, or brindle markings, or white with/without white markings and piebald
TemperamentCourageous, loyal, protective, fierce, territorial, intelligent and bold
Suitable ForThose with enough property to house this massive breed and Experienced dog owners and trainers
Caucasian Dog Breed

History of Caucasian Shepherd:

In the rocky Caucasus region of Europe and Asia, dogs that looks like the Caucasian shepherd are known for many years. In earlier times, they were used to safeguard property and cattle from invaders and predators like wolves and bears.

Based on the exact region from from where they came, these dogs had various looks. The Mountain type, which has a bigger body and a longer coat and the Steppe type, which has a lighter body and a shorter coat are the other two variants of the breed.

In the early 1900s, Soviet breeders started carefully breeding these dogs. Strength, self-assurance, sharp hearing, vision and a weatherproof coat were some of the characteristics they wanted to breed for in their children.

The breed is still very rare, especially in North America. It is part of the Foundation Stock Service of the American Kennel Club which keeps breeding records of purebred development.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Puppies:

It’s important to understand that Caucasian Mountain Dog puppies usually grow up to be large before you buy one. Once grown up, these dogs are muscular and protective. But the Caucasian Mountain Dog is a fluffy ball of cuteness before they grow into huge beasts.

These cute puppies need a firm hand when being trained because of their size. They need an angry but patient approach to teach them as they may resist training due to their stubbornness and powerful will.

For a period of time, your puppy will be happy in a limited surroundings but that situation won’t remain. So this isn’t the perfect pet dog for you if you don’t have area where he can run everywhere and get exercise.

Temperament and Intelligence of The Caucasian Shepherd:

This breed has a variety of qualities but they can be patient, devoted and gentle with family. Training this breed can be challenging, especially when they decide to be stubborn because they are possessive for where they live and can be aggressive when defending their family.

This breed is highly intelligent and trainable but it’s better if they go to an experienced trainer that has the ability to handle them. While once trained, they can be gentle and friendly which makes them excellent companions, working dogs and therapy dogs.

Are Caucasian Shepherd Good for Families?

This dog breed is an excellent protection dog because of its great protective nature. They care deeply about their family and they are still not the best choice for families with young children. They can severely damage a younger, smaller child by running over them by accident because they are so big and usually weigh more than 200 pounds.

This doesn’t mean an indication that a Caucasian Mountain Dog cannot be a member of the family. Doing this will need excellent training from outstanding experienced trainers. It is advised to save this breed for families without young children.

Do these Pets Feel Comfortable with Other Pets?

This breed is unable to live together with other animals because the way territorial they are. It is challenging for the Caucasian Mountain Dog to get along with other animals, especially small pets.

This breed’s aggressive urge comes out when it comes to small animals. There is no reason why this breed can’t live in a home with other pets if they have been socialized and trained as puppies.

Food and Diet Requirements of Caucasian Dog:

A 200+ pound dog needs large amount of food as many people expect. They also have very high nutritional needs so you cannot feed them poorly produced cheap food.

But it’s important that you note that this breed puts on weight quickly. You should be very cautious of how much food you give your dog each day. To prevent him gobbling everything up and becoming fat, it’s better to serve him food in small portions.

Make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian to discuss the best diet to feed him if you think he has gained too much weight.

Exercise Needs of Caucasian Dog:

But being a big dog, this breed doesn’t need a lot of activity. He needs daily walks just like other dogs and it’s beneficial to play with him outside any time you can.

This breed need a lot of energy for moving around because they are so large, so 30 minutes every day walking and a little extra activity should be enough to keep them in shape.

How to Train Caucasian Dog Breed:

As already mentioned, this breed can be stubborn and challenging to teach. This breed cannot learn from a new trainer because it is highly intelligent and strongly independent. Extensive training must begin when your dog is a puppy and it should be done by an expert trainer.

Training a Caucasian Mountain Dog wrongly is not something that you want to do. You are not ready to deal with a 200 pound dog that is aggressive, we warn you.

Grooming Needs of Caucasian Shepherd:

The Caucasian shepherd may have a variety of coat lengths. You should only need to brush your dog’s coat once or twice a week if it is shorter. But combing longer coats up to daily may be essential to maintain the loose fur and avoid tangles and mats. Expect higher shedding at certain points of the year, usually in the spring and fall when you’ll need to increase daily brushing.

Depending on how dirty your dog gets, try once a month for a bath. Then check its nails each month to see if they need trimming. Also check the dog’s ears at least once a week for problems like wax build up and debris. Daily Teeth Brushing is also important for this breed.

Serious Health Conditions of Caucasian Dog:

This dog is a powerful breed with very few serious medical conditions to be cautious of. Hip dysplasia is the main concern and even though this can happen with any pet, it happens a lot to larger dog breeds and this breed is huge.

Rubs and discomfort are caused by the condition. It will one day make your pet unfit for moving. Since there is not much that can be done to treat this illness, you can make sure that your dog has a comfortable life by managing it well. Make an appointment with your veterinarian if you’re not clear when your Caucasian Mountain Dog has symptoms of this illness. Once the condition has been detected, then he will provide some guidance on management.


Are Caucasian shepherds good family dogs?

They can be quite committed to their families, Caucasian shepherds with the right training and socialization may be perfect for a household with older children. But they are not the best option if you have young children because of their huge weight and capacity for violence.

Are Caucasian shepherds rare?

Shepherds of the Caucasian breeds are quite common breed, especially in North America. Depending on where you live, you might have to wait a while to find one at a breeder or rescue agency.

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