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You may be aware of French colors like Black, Fawn and Brindle but it is very rare if you know about Merle Frenchie? Merle is not about colors, it’s actually about the color patterns. Merle is a color pattern that creates the appearance of being mottled or speckled.

In recent years, Blue Merle French bulldogs gained a major increase in their popularity. Their uncommon blue coat color, light blue eyes and unique markings make them easily identifiable. Future owners need to be very careful when selecting a breeder of these pups because they come from a rare breed of French bulldog.

It can be composed by the variety of colors including black, white, gray and brown. The amount and distribution of melanin, which is the pigment that color to the hairs is influenced by the Merle gene.

They are one of the rare French Bulldog colors and only by seeing these dogs, you will truly love their beauty. You must have to see this beauty which is very rare.

Blue Merle French Bulldog Quick Facts:

  • They are very Expensive from any other average French Dog
  • Blue Merle is very rarest Bulldog Color
  • They have their own major health issues
  • Merle is not approved by the American Kennel Club, so they can’t compete or take part in any dog shows.

What makes the blue merle a French bulldog?

Breeding through mating of diluted and merle genes, breeders create Blue Merle French Bulldog. The dogs that have been chosen for mating need to pass many health checks because the blue merle pattern is one of the most difficult one to generate.

Merle is a special genetic condition and the puppies with this pattern will have eyes that are light-colored or pink, sensitive skin on some particular areas as this gene is inherited. Their nose and paw pads usually have pale pink skin which is visible. You must be very careful when choosing a puppy to bring home because puppies with two merles will have a greater tendency of getting particular medical conditions.

Be aware that having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility because you should plan to keep your new family member for many years. The AKC fails to acknowledge the merle pattern, so such dogs are not found in the French that are purebred.

One of the most rare French bulldog color is blue merle. Because the merle gene is dominant, the breeder only has to choose one carrier for mating. Every dog is born with a copy of the genes that the mother and father inherited.

The puppy may be more prone to eye and ear issues if it carries two copies of the merle gene variation. One or more of the problems could be deafness or severe ear infections.

Character of Blue Merle French Bulldog:

We are all aware that the blue merle French bulldog is one of the breed’s rarest coat colors. Due to their unique coat color combination and amusing personality, they always attract our attention wherever we see them.

Frenchies love cuddling and are happy with their owners. They are not a fantastic choice for those who have busy lifestyles and spend a lot of time away from home. You must be ready for a lot of playtimes if you wish to bring a blue merle Frenchie in your home. Regardless of their coat color, Frenchies are intelligent, curious and like making others laugh.

Frenchies are some of the greatest dogs for apartment living because of their small size. Since there are already more positive qualities and they are currently ranked second on the AKC list of the most popular dogs worldwide.

How Much Does The Blue Merle French Bulldog Cost?

Blue merle is one of the expensive breeds of dogs in the world. They cost between $5,000 and $20,000. Puppies may cost a lot of money depending on the breeder’s kennel, the parents and the care they received.

We advise you to get a DNA test and take the puppy to the vet for a fast health check in order to make sure that you are purchasing a healthy dog. Keep in mind that you are not bringing a toy but a new family member. So requesting evidence that the dog is in perfect health is very necessary.

Is There a Double Merle French Bulldog?

Breeding two merle dogs is not advised but if this type of mating happens, the puppies of such dogs may be born with a double merle gene. Only a few parts of their coats are darker and double merle Frenchies have extremely sensitive skin and have a greater tendency to develop diseases.

Eye and vision issues are only a few examples. The most common problems are wandering eyes, starburst pupils, small or deformed eyes or missing one of the eyes.

Common Colors of Merle:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Tan
  • White
  • Black, etc.,

Types of Merle French Dogs:

The most popular coat colors are given below but note that merle can affect many coat colors.

Merle Frenchie Dog:

A French Bulldog with a Merle coat pattern is known as a Merle Frenchie. The Merle pattern can also result in speckling or mottling as well as color patches that are either lighter or darker than the basic coat color.

Blue Merle Frenchie Dog:

A French Bulldog with a Merle coat pattern that has a blue-gray base color is known as a Blue Merle Frenchie. Blue Merle Frenchies can have white or tan markings in along with regions of lighter or deeper blue.

Fluffy Merle Frenchie Dog:

A Fluffy Merle Frenchie is a French Bulldog that has a longer, softer coat than the typical short, sleek coat of Frenchies and a Merle coat pattern. They can be seen in the Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle variations of the Merle breed.

Chocolate Merle Frenchie Dog:

A French Bulldog with a Merle coat pattern and a chocolate-colored base coat is known as a Chocolate Merle Frenchie. Like other Merle Frenchies, Chocolate Merle Frenchies may have white or tan markings as well as patches of lighter or darker color.


Do Merle Frenchies have higher health issues?

Yes Merle-specific diseases are blindness, deafness, neurological disorders and immune issues. For Double Merle Frenchies, the risk increases even higher.

Is Blue Merle French Bulldog Rare?

Yes, Blue Merle French Bulldog is the rarest dog in the world and it is second ranked popular dog in the world by American Kennel Club.

Does Merle Frenchies are Purebred?

The Merle gene does not exist in Purebred Frenchies unless they are bred with another breed, so there is no such thing as a Purebred Merle Frenchie.

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