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Today we will discuss about the Clever & Energetic Herding Dog which needs a challenging job and he don’t want his clever mind to be free. This breed’s name is Australian Kelpie who was a herding dog used to work with sheeps and livestocks in The United States and his homeland Australia.

Basic Details About Australian Kelpie:

ColorsBlack, chocolate, red, smoky blue, fawn, black and tan.
Avg. Height40 to 50 centimeters
Avg. Weight14 to 20 kilograms
Coat TypesShort, flat and Straight
Dog Breed GroupWorking
Avg. Lifespan10 to 13 years
Breed TraitsEnergetic, Highly Intelligent, Protective, Tireless and Enthusiastic
Australian Kelpie

History Of Australian Kelpie:

The Kelpie was originated in the late 19th century, maybe around 1870 like so many different breeds that are still exist today. Australia’s sheep and wool industry was growing quickly and ranchers needed strong dogs who could manage not only the wild sheep but also the harsh conditions and large acreages. The “coley,” a British herding breed that may have influenced the evolution of the Border Collie, the English Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd is one of the ancestors of the Kelpie.

About a century ago, Australian Kelpies were introduced to North America where they quickly adapted the various climatic conditions, topography and livestock. There is very unusual to see kelpie as pets but everyday thousands of them work on ranches and farms throughout the world. The North American Australian Kelpie Registry which aims to safeguard the Kelpie’s built-in working abilities, purpose, conformation, temperament and good health. The United Kennel Club Recognized it and registers them in the North American Australian Kelpie Registry.

The Evolution of the Australian Kelpie is very unexpected and this breed helped us very much in the past as he has amazing abilities.

australian kelpie dog breed

Characteristics of Australian Kelpie:

As you have known about the history of the kelpie, Now we will discuss about its major characteristics which will help you to decide whether you should keep it as pet or not.

The Australian Kelpie is a skilled and intelligent herding dog that is used in both Australia and the United States for managing sheep and other livestock. Early Collies crossed with other herding dogs probably Dingoes to produce Kelpies.

A Kelpie is a magical water horse with evil intentions toward humans, especially children according to Scottish and Irish tales or mythology. On the other hand, the Australian Kelpie is not among those. Their weights varying between 31 to 46 pounds as they are medium-sized dogs.

Can you give this dog with a high level of intelligence a difficult task? Are you able to provide him leadership and lots of consistent exercise? The Australian Kelpie may be the breed for you if you answer yes to each of these questions. If you’re not sure, it’s reasonable to hold back on buying a Kelpie. A person who is unemployed could create a variety of trouble in his search for employment.

Before bringing your Kelpie into your home, be aware of his working style. Australian Kelpies use nipping at the animals heels for herding livestock. If they don’t have a flock of birds to give attention to, they might behave in the same way around kids, other animals and vehicles like cars and bicycles. Never let it go untreated and once you did it, offer your Australian Kelpie challenging and engaging activities or games that will provide him the exercise and mental stimulation which he needs to change the behavior.

A Kelpie can be educated as a therapy dog, assistance dog, detection dog, hearing dog, or search and rescue dog. Agility, flyball, disc games, herding trials, obedience, and tracking are just a few of the dog activities he shines in. Take him for some long daily walks, jogs, or hikes to satisfy his demand for exercise. He needs to be engaged for a long period of time in order to be happy.

The Kelpie is extremely good at being a watchdog. He has an alert mindset and will bark to alert you to anything or anyone off of the usual.

Personality and Temperament Of Kelpie:

The breed standard of the Kelpie defines him as being extremely attentive and positive with a calm, trainable personality and an almost limitless supply of energy. He is known for his dedication to his work and loyalty. This dog is very capable and intelligent. He likes having a job to accomplish and he will complete it successfully no matter what.

Whether it’s about bringing your things like the newspaper, your dirty slippers or dirty laundry that was left on the floor, engaging in agility or obedience, going along with you on your work, or helping you keep an eye on the kids at the park, be ready to give him job that will fulfill him. He will learn anything that you will teach him. If you can’t provide this dog his traditional herding tasks or an outlet like dog sports, don’t underestimate how much time and energy it will need to train and live with him.

The Kelpie’s nature is to work freely and make decisions on his own because he is a herding dog. You are not his boss, instead you are his partner. When you are training him, keep it in mind. When it’s clear that he already knows something, respect his intelligence and stop nagging him. This dog is capable of working alone with little monitoring and has become used of doing.

The Kelpie’s herding past can be his advantage that it makes him cautious of anything or anyone out of the usual. To some degrees, that’s a advantage and it’s one of the qualities that makes him a good watchdog but repeated early interaction is necessary to keep a Kelpie from developing an excessive level of doubt or fear of anything new or strange.

Breeders To Choose For Your Kelpie?

Choose a breeder for your Kelpie puppy who encourages the puppies in the house and makes sure they are familiar with a variety of household sights, sounds, and people before they arrive in their new homes.

Avoid breeders that grow puppies in cages or buildings in the backyard. An Australian Kelpie that will be part of the family needs lots of interaction with other people. Take your Kelpie to puppy kindergarten, the homes of friends and neighbors and dog-friendly stores and businesses to continue socializing him throughout his life.

Training the Kelpie requires a firm touch and constant guidance. Start his training during his first week at home for the best results. Training sessions should be brief and encouraging methods should always be used instead of force which could backfire.

Quick Facts About Kelpie:

  • The extremely smart Kelpie needs a job to keep his sharp mind busy.
  • Black, chocolate, red, smoky blue, fawn, black and tan are the color combinations in which kelpie comes.
  • It has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years.
australian kelpie health

Basics About Kelpie Health:

Whereas kelpie is generally appear to be healthy, the Kelpie breed is still at risk for inherited health issues. A few illnesses affect Kelpies more often than others. They include cerebellar abiotrophy, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and Collie eye abnormalities.

Movement is affected by the destructive neurological condition known as cerebellar abiotrophy. While there is no cure for it, scientists are working to develop a type of DNA that would enable breeders to identify Kelpies who have the disease or are transmitters of it.

Selecting the correct breeder is the first step in avoiding potentially damaging genetic disorders in your Kelpie. Finding a reputable breeder that is dedicated to producing the healthiest animals possible is an ideal place to start even though not all of these issues are visible in a developing puppy. Before breeding the dogs, these breeders will have undertaken screenings for common problems and they will be able to present official certifications confirming their health.

How To Adapt a Kelpie From a Rescue or Shelter?

So if you have taken the decision of taking Australian Kelpie as your pet then this is a great decision as Kelpie not only is a family pet but his abilities are awesome which are above from many dogs and this can be also a great watchdog.

You might be able to find an adopted Kelpie with the help of Google. But you can use specific filters on websites like and to help you focus your search such as housetraining status or geographical radius. If you’re looking for a Kelpie with very specific qualities or in a specific geographic area, these tools can be helpful. You can also use AnimalShelter to find nearby animal rescue organisations.

Are Australian Kelpies good family dogs?

Because of their responsive nature, practically all Working Kelpies get along well with “his” children and make great family dogs. They also live peacefully with pets from other households.

Do Australian Kelpies bark a lot?

Expect some noise because they have a strong desire to bark. They can bark a lot when left alone┬ábecause they are working dogs. Proper training will encourage your Kelpie puppy’s behavior from an early age and help control the tendency to bark.

What are Kelpies weaknesses?

The good news is that a kelpie’s bridle is an area of vulnerability. A kelpie and every other kelpie are under the control of whoever has the bridle. A captured kelpie is highly valued since it is reputed to have the strength and stamina of at least ten horses.

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